TidyData offers data pipeline monitoring for companies that want to make sure their data is accurate. With our services, you can see holes in your pipeline and make corrections.

What is a Data Pipeline?

A data pipeline is a software that defines where the data is collected from and what data is collected. Typically the data is sent to a data warehouse for storage and processing later. A good data pipeline automates extracting, transforming, combining, validating, transferring the data, and also checking for errors and maintaining security. Let’s take a closer look at these terms below.

Why is a Data Pipeline Important?

Data Pipeline management is important for many reasons including the terms listed above. Managing a data pipeline can be a daunting task for a company because there are many different aspects to incorporate.

What is Data Pipeline Architecture?

A data pipeline architecture is the way in which the data pipeline is set up. The architecture behind the data pipeline should be simple, but effective. In order to do this, you must define where the data is collected, transformed, and loaded.

How Data Pipelines Work?

Data pipelines work by collecting data and telling it where to go. A good data pipeline architecture will also verify the data and ensure security of the information along the way. Where the information is collected from as well as what data will be collected must be specified. Below are the different parts to a general data pipeline architecture.

How is a Data Pipeline used for Analytics?

Analytics is the systematic process of automatically computing the data. That’s nice to define, but what do we use analytics for? Customers want to see analytics that answer questions. Where is the data coming from? How much data is coming from there? Where the spikes in data? What is the latency between data mining and representation? All these questions and more can be answered by a good data pipeline management system that queries these statistics for analysis.

Data Pipeline and Workflow Management Tools??

Workflow management tools capture and create a lot of the data that a data pipeline deals with. The data pipeline management system will transfer the data from the workflow management tool and send it to the data warehouse.

What is ETL?

ETL stands for Extract, Transfer, Load. This is the process of taking the data from one endpoint to the other using the same service. ETL tends to use OLAP warehouses with SQL databases. The data is gathered from the sources, transformed into useful data for the database, and loaded into it’s final destination.

Data Pipeline vs ETL?

The difference between a data pipeline and an ETL is that with an ETL everything is locked in place with an ETL. With a data pipeline, you can easily change the data sources or the destination of the data. The pipeline simply manages the data across the transfer route to make sure it safely and securely reaches its destination.

What is Data Warehouse Monitoring?

Data warehouse monitoring is exactly what it sounds like but there is more than meets the eye. Data warehouse monitoring software involves the tracking of: Data Loads Queries and Reports (reports are typically sets of queries), Archiving data, Backups and data restoration, Data warehouse monitoring activities can be better explained when we look at the subsets of activities.

What is Tidy Data?

Tidy data, or small data, is data that is created as a subset of the BIg Data. For example, you might be able to figure out how much downtime employees have between customers or the percentage of your customers that are actually sticking on the line to fill out that end of call survey. Tiny data is useful to companies because it can help improve processes to better the customer experience or improve efficiency in other areas. Big data gives the overall picture while tiny data can really delve down into the details of where problems may lie or where experiences can be improved.

How Can TidyData Help You??

TidyData can help your company by correctly monitoring your data pipelines. We know how important data is, big data and small data, and that you want to keep your data safe and secure. At TidyData we specialize in correctly monitoring your data pipelines so you can focus on the things that can make your company great. Instead of worrying about how to create your own data pipeline architecture, let us do it for you and free up your developers for those other projects to improve your customer’s experience.

Contact TidyData Today For More?

Contact TidyData today to set up your secure data pipeline monitoring system with us. We offer a SaaS for your company to free up space on your systems and free up your developer’s time so they don’t need to take on the laborious task of data pipeline management. Visit www.tidydata.io to set up an appointment for us to assess your data solution needs. At TidyData we work with our customers to create the best data management solution to fit their needs and are always looking to improve the data pipeline management system for the both of us.